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Sunday thought: Family history

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By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

2nd Sunday before Advent

In five days I have gone from little interest in family history (or better put, feeling I had no time to prioritise it) to burning the midnight oil trawling through old censuses and BMD records. Tolkien once said that all cosmic music — even the bad — will eventually bend to God’s harmony; in the case of the evils of the Great War it seems that one small positive is a renewed interest in family history in Britain. This was my conversion: I went to a talk on Remembrance Day about the battle of Gheluvelt fought in 1914 by my local regiment (the Worcestershires). My interest piqued — and being a Worcestershire man — I typed some family names into Family Search and became aware of the service of a number of g-grand uncles.  One was badly injured at Ypres in 1917 and reading his medical records was…

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Ordain Women, Women’s Ordination

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Very cogent.

All Eternity Shakes: Letters from the Vineyard

At the outset, I should say that at this point nothing is going to stop Ordain Women, whether you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing. It’s clear that no amount of criticism or shaming will fracture the movement. In fact, these have really only served (unsurprisingly) to strengthen it and add to its numbers. OW may have begun as an organized movement but has become something of an event, in the philosophical sense of that word–the eruption of something new that breaks with the prevailing order, something which marks a before and after. Those who are riveted by an event (like Paul’s encounter with the risen Christ, after which he was never the same again) can only understand certain truths in its wake. As Daniel Bensaid put it in his interpretation of Alain Badiou’s philosophy of the event:

Truth, following in the wake of ‘that which happens’…

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Intention to resurrect

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I just wanted to post a quick note that I intend on posting a lot more in the coming months. My life will be more steady following an upcoming move across town this Saturday and then I’d bet you’ll see something else soon. So said I before…

One Year Hiatus

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It’s been over a year since I last posted. I suppose getting into the nitty gritty of grad school, beginning fatherhood school, and packing my brain with terabytes of data will do that to an author. Anyhow, more to come soon. I want to get back to my poetry, my thoughts, my purpose in sharing with you (the unknown) some of my soul. Emo and epic, the rain in Seattle hast formed a new man-child: I am ready to post once again.


An address to all believers in Christ (1887) by David Whitmer

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A recently digitized copy of An address to all believers in Christ (1887) by David Whitmer, one of the original three witnesses to the Book of Mormon, caught my interest as I was reading some blogs today. The work is influential for a number of reasons. One reason being the affirmation of Whitmer to the authenticity of the Book of Mormon as shown to him by an angel. Whitmer also takes issue with Joseph Smith’s evolved Mormonism, which he had left long before 1887, and that discussion is worthy of reading for a greater understanding of some of the issues surrounding early Mormonism. Have fun.

An address to all believers in Christ (1887) by David Whitmer

New Search Engine on LDS.org

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Part of the evolving New.LDS.org is a refined search engine with a user-friendly design. It suggests terms a la Google. I ran a quick search for “Mother in Heaven” and got this result upon following the search box:

Screen capture of my search (10 Nov 2010)

I am especially pleased and excited about the Recommended Results. It looks like quite a bit of indexing/cataloging has been done for each search result. Very very cool. Thank you Church employees!

I’m looking forward to the next iteration, as they have announced is on the way. The new web apps and now this refined search engine will make studying the gospel more accessible and enjoyable. Link that data!

The First Vision: The Visitation of the Father and the Son to Joseph Smith

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Another classic Latter-day Saint film. This one from 1976.

Man’s Search for Happiness

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Thank goodness for YouTube! I am especially a fan of the pre-mortal scenes in this film. Also, the creepy clown laugh in Funland. So much to talk about from this production! More on that later, hopefully another blog post.

The Gospel and the Church

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A great sermon by a great man.

The Seer

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My wife and I were watching the Joseph Smith Commemorative Program on DVD this evening and it caused me to reflect on the great words written by John Taylor entitled The Seer. The moving text is as follows:

The Seer.
Written for the dedication of the Seventy’s Hall, and dedicated to President Brigham Young:

By John Taylor

The seer;—the seer:—Joseph the seer—
I’ll sing of the Prophet ever dear:
His equal now cannot be found,—
By searching the wide world around.
With Gods he soared, in the realms of day;
And men he taught the heavenly way.
The earthly seer! the heavenly seer,
I love to dwell on his mem’ry dear:—
The chosen of God, and the friend of men,
He brought the priesthood back again,
He gazed on the past, on the present too;—
An ope’d the heav’nly world to view.

Of noble seed—of heavenly birth,
He came to bless the sons of earth:
With keys by the Almighty given,
He opened the full rich stores of heaven,
O’er the world that was wrapt in sable night,
Like the sun he spread his golden light.
He strove,—O, how he strove to stay,
The stream of crime in its reckless way—
With a mighty mind, and a noble aim
He urg’d the wayward to reclaim:
‘Mid the foaming billows of angry strife—
He stood at the helm, of the ship of life.

The saints;—the saints; his only pride,
For them he liv’d, for them he died!
Their joys were his;—their sorrows too;—
He lov’d the saints;—he lov’d Nauvoo.
Unchanged in death, with a Savior’s love
He pleads their cause, in the courts above.
The seer;—the seer—Joseph the seer!
O, how I love his memory dear,
The just and wise, the pure and free,
A father he was, and is to me.
Let fiends now rage in their dark hour;—
No matter, he is beyond their power.

He’s free;—he’s free;—the Prophet’s free!
He is where he will ever be,
Beyond the reach of mobs and strife,
He rests unharm’d in endless life,
His home’s in the sky;—he dwells with the Gods,
Far from the furious rage of mobs.
He died; he died—for those he lov’d,
He reigns;—he reigns in realms above,
He waits with the just who have gone before,
To welcome the saints to Zion’s shore;
Shout, shout ye saints—this boon is given,
We’ll meet our martyr’d seer in heaven.

[Text via Joseph the Seer: His Dreams, Visions, and Revelations]