Water, Blood & Oil

One Year Hiatus

Posted in funny by Tod Robbins on November 28, 2011

It’s been over a year since I last posted. I suppose getting into the nitty gritty of grad school, beginning fatherhood school, and packing my brain with terabytes of data will do that to an author. Anyhow, more to come soon. I want to get back to my poetry, my thoughts, my purpose in sharing with you (the unknown) some of my soul. Emo and epic, the rain in Seattle hast formed a new man-child: I am ready to post once again.



Just a Little Fun

Posted in funny by Tod Robbins on May 4, 2009

From my friend Graham’s blog:

In one of my classes today, a few of my students kindly informed me I was a topic of conversation in math class. They delicately asked if I was a Mormon. I kindly replied that there was a strong possibility (countered with a yes, as students don’t always catch on). The girl who asked then got this weird look on her face, and warned me not to get offended but asked “Wait! All the Mormons I know don’t drink or anything… but you have a kid?”

That was the best question/statement I have ever heard in class. I had no idea that conceiving was directly linked to alcoholic consumption.

Oh man.