Water, Blood & Oil

Child Gods?

Posted in Uncategorized by Tod Robbins on July 7, 2009

I was reading Stan Larson’s amalgamation of the King Follett discourse this morning and came across this portion of Joseph Smith’s sermon which I had never recalled previously:

A question about parents receiving their children. Will mothers have their children in eternity? Yes! Yes! Mothers, you will have your children. For they will have it without price; for their debt of redemption is paid. There is no damnation awaiting them for they are in the spirit. But as the child dies, so will it rise from the dead and be living in the burning of God and possessing all the intelligence of a God. It will never grow, it will be the child in its precise form as it was before it died out of your arms. Children dwell and exercise power, throne upon throne, dominion upon dominion, in the same form just as you laid them down. Eternity is full of thrones upon which dwell thousands of children, reigning on thrones of glory, with not one cubit added to their stature.

Am I reading this too literally, or is he indicating there are children who reign as gods in the celestial glory? Seems similar to some Egyptian lore to me.


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