Water, Blood & Oil

Sacrament thoughts (31 May 2009)

Posted in celestial kingdom, sacrament thoughts by Tod Robbins on June 1, 2009

Photo by <a href=

Photo by John Garrard

An open sphere creates another home, and opened hearths open one more.

Two hands, one clasp, open one million half-spheres and one placed mansion rights deep in Hubble’s empty space.

Olive oil in ionized glass fires forward in a generation of worlds.

Crowning hands hand a throne to closed eyes, spheres veiled, and four hands raised to remembrance catch a kingdom.

Endless enduring bonds of affection fill up one million half-spheres and their children bathed in the waters of heavenly bathtubs, gathering around a piano, Mother enthroned in approving virtue.

Father: a cube, a clasp, crowns; Mother: a sphere, a warmth, and a hearth full of music––anthems of eternal increases and perfections rounding the spiral of the Gods’ everlasting circles.


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